TeXCad32 in other languages

When TeXCad32 starts it looks for a file "Language.dat" in the program directory. If such s a file is found, all strings are read from it. Otherwise it will start in german.

If you want TeXCad32 in english, copy (or rename) "English.dat" to "Language.dat"

If you want TeXCad in another language, translate "English.dat" or "German.dat" into your language and rename it to "Language.dat". If you do so, you might send me a copy of this file, so I can put it into the download area.

This is the start of "English.dat":



[version] version info follows
version= Current version of this file
[language] Here begins the language section
sn=N single character for "no"
sj=Y single character for "yes"
s11= elements program messages. Observe that the first in this line character is a space
s12=Draw line ...
... ...

s.. entries refer to messages from the program
sm.. entries are menu texts
sf.. entries are captions, hint texts or labels of the program windows.

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